Sunday, January 08, 2006

2006 And We're Gonna Win!!!

Anyone who has read this blog in the past, will notice that I have a new name and new look for the blog. For the past 9 months or so I have not been around the blogosphere very much, attempting to distance myself from political and religious rhetoric, and depressing news stories.
I am no longer a bartender and have managed to stay out of that industry for over a year now. I do not miss the job one iota, but I do miss a lot of the people. Its fun to see my bar-time friends now and then, so I do occasionally hit the bar scene. Very seldom though, its too tough on the soul. I took a job with a sheet glass fabricator very close by, and I found it to be a very interesting industry. I have learned a number a valuable things including how to cut, polish, frost and etch glass, how to properly seal glass with outrageously expensive Teflon based sealer, how to install custom shower enclosures, and lots of new ways to install vinyl graphics and window coatings onto glass as well asbeing introduced to a number of new types of vinyl and laminates. I actually like the work that I do quite a bit, and after last night Xmas party, and I really can't say a lot of bad things about the company. Every job has its ups and downs, and there are days I would like to tell them to go to hell. But I usually get over it. So for this post, I will not have any harsh words at all for Twin Ciy Creative Mirror and Glass.

Now, with over a year of experience under my belt, I am starting to work the skills into my personal business, which was really my plan all along. I wan't to start renovating and sealing peoples shower enclosures in their homes. The product is really quite remarkable, and if you hate scrubbing soap scum off your glass shower door, its a godsend. I find that this is the case with most people who have glass shower doors and enclosures, so I think it will be a fairly easy sell. It is very easy to install and the manfacturer backs it up with a 5 year warranty. And buko dollars to be made. It is highly unique, and the distributor said that he had no one else in MN doing it. So Im getting pumped up to start that.

And, like a moth to flame or a bum to a beer, I have returned to blogging for 2006.

Why you ask?
New Year. New Person. New Mindset. New Capabilities. New Outlook. New Wisdom (a little)
And most importantly: ELECTION YEAR.

A Senate seat opens for Minnesota this year as Mark Dayton will not be running to keep his place. It will be interesting to see who they line up. I really hate the idea of the right taking another seat. The people in this state really kill me sometimes. Kerry won in MN, and we have always traditionally been a blue state. Somehow in the last election we still ended up with two Bush supporters. The weasly, underhanded moron Norm Coleman who took advantage of his opponents tragic and somewhat suspect plane crash, and Governor Tim "wearing my religion on my face" Pawlenty, who I actually dont have that many problems with. The Gov is actually a fairly moderate Republican, but I just can not vote for anyone who is standing in the corner of the Bush administration.

There is havoc to wreaked on the right side of the blogosphere this year, so I am re-enlisting in the left bloggers army and have already left war-time messages on several conservative blogs. I am a centrist, but you must choose sides at war time, there is no Geneva for American politics. ANYONE, and Im serious about this, ANYONE who leaves political comments on this blog better back their opinion up with a vote. No blog surfer who does not vote will be allowed to leave comments on this site. Left or Right, if you do not vote, your voice is muffled Greek to me. If you lie to about voting, well, thats pretty pitiful.

So there you have a it. A quick summary of my plans for the blog this year. Happy Surfing!!

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