Sunday, August 14, 2005

I just don't get it

I don't like to talk politics much right now because the fundies are in control and there is nothing I can do about it. I figure there isn't much sense in getting upset over things you can't do anything about.

But I just do not understand how GWB can justify a 5 week vacation.

My brother is about to start a 6 month + tour of duty in Kuwait. Now technically, this is not a combat zone. However, any American run hospital in the Middle East is a prime terrorist target. My mother is somewhat upset, as well as his wife who will be left here to look after a 1 year old by herself.

Isn't the president the commander in chief of the military? When a man has sent 160 000 troops and 300billion dollars to fight a war under false pretenses, should he be allowed to just skip out and go milk cattle on the ranch? People are dying violently every day for what he has done, and to this day he claims it was the right thing to do.
For who, Mr. President? For Who?

For the US?
It seems to me that hatred fuels terrorism and your war has helped many more millions hate the US.

For the Iraqis?
Last time I checked civil war was not a good thing for any country, no matter who started it.

Oh I know. For Haliburton.

This is what you red-staters have voted for. This is what you wanted.
He cares nothing for the men and women he has put in danger, which by the way includes not only the troops but you and me as well, he cares only for the money he was able to put into the pockets of his oil tycoon buddies who will reward him handsomely in 2009 when he takes his stock out of trust.

When I read the story of GWB's plans. I was shocked and awed. I guess without having another election to try and win, you can afford such audacity.


Well, I tried.

I copied and pasted and re-wrote all of the comments and songs on The Mudges list of songs.
When I went to publish it, Blogger was down for maintenance, and I was unable to save it.
You may or may not have heard such cussing all at once.

Im sorry, but I am not going to re-do that again.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back On The Blog

Its been almost 5 months, but this blogger is back online. Ive finally upgraded to highspeed, and changed everything around. I've settled my time slots for work, signmaking, pet attention, housework, blah blah blah, and managed to come up with a few spare minutes for blogging.

Theres probably nobody out there reading this right now, but Ill get things rolling again.

Ill be starting by posting a History of Rock and Roll post making its way through The Chronic Curmudgeon's area of the blogosphere.
Music, thought difficult to debate, is always a good conversation piece. Its also a good way to keep your mind of other things that this blog was originally intended for.

To keep the re-enry prcess short, we will just say that I am not even close to the same person I was 9 months ago. Working as a bartender can really wear on a person's soul. Now Im no longer a part of that scene, and I can truthfully say I don't miss it much. The people yes, but everything else, hell no.

So, for the time being, there will be no political, or I hate everyone posts. Just things that may kindle arguments on other levels.

See you all soon.

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