Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Finally. Some News Worth Blogging

Sex doll sparks post office bomb alert

It's been a while since Ive made an entry, and its because there is simply a lack of good news stories out there. Everywhere i look there are things I just don't care about.
I laughed at this one though. This is good.

How does a sex doll turn itself on? Thats a pun in and of itself.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Its Official

The Chronic Curmudgeon has taken a time out from ranting over the World Wide Web. Everybody needs a break, so good luck to him in his endeavors leading up to his eventual return.

The question now is where does that leave The Corner Bar? It's like Norm leaving Cheers. Somebody out there is going to have to pick up the slack from what is, in my book, the finest political commentary available in the blogosphere.
Being these shoes are difficult to fill, The Corner Bar will re-structure for a while in order to try to continue to expose blatent right wing hypocrisy. There will be NO stories about poor guys who have their genitalia removed, forcibly or voluntarily. I will also keep sports to a minimum. For good sports blogging, refer to Blairs Blog.
But just be warned, politics will have to become a more frequent topic to try to fill the gigantic black hole now in place where a much better written, sharp, and bitter opinion once was.

I will also surf blogexplosion in an attempt to attract new readers, good or bad.
I love to be heckled you Right-Wing radicals. You think your right, but your always wrong. Just because you won means nothing, it just means more of those with a clouded view of reality made it to the polls last year.

So to everyone reading this blog:

If you stop by, leave a comment. If you happen to have your own blog, then I guarantee I will reciprocate and visit yours. I'm always sure to check back on my visitors, no matter who they are.

So, farewell to The Chronic Curmudgeon, and hello to any of his readers that might be traveling over. We will all be feeling a loss these next few months, but it will be for the best.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Zero Originality

Once again, I turn to The Chronic Curmudgeon for ideas to write about.
I was going to do a post on Barry Bonds, but he did an excellent job himself, I felt no need to further the slander. We don't always agree, but as far as MLB's biggest cheater goes, we stand shoulder to shoulder.
So here goes some more plagiarism.

My top 20 favorite movies:

20.) A Bronx Tale
19.) Gone In 60 Seconds
18.) The Usual Suspects
17.) Van Helsing
16.) Caddyshack
15.) Tommy Boy
14.) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
13.) True Romance
12.) Arlington Road
11.) Dumb & Dumber
10.) The Italian Job
9.) Casino
8.) The Crow
7.) The Fugitive
6.) Resevoir Dogs
5.) The Godfather 1, 2, 3
4.) The Matrix
3.) Heat
2.) Goodfellahs
1.) Pulp Fiction

Top 20 Americans I Hate The Most

20.) Michael Moore
Is this guy for real?
19.) Tom Arnold
Never once a talented actor, "Oven Mitt" is his worst role yet. I actually boycott Arby's.
18.) John Madden
Just beating Dennis Miller, the stupidest man to ever give a play by play.
17.) Tom Bernard
The highest paid DJ in Minnesota ranks lower than a wad of gum on my shoe. I said gum, people! Gum!
16.) David Arquette
Losers always get the hottest chicks.
15.) Freddie Prinze Jr.
Again with the hottest chicks thing.
14.) Keanu Reeves.
How does this guy get the best roles in Hollywood?
13.) Norm Coleman
If you change political parties to further your own career, you are pretty much useless in my book. Not to mention his win comes from a tragic loss.
12.) Conan O'Brien
The only joke on this show worth laughing at is the host.
11.) Terrell Owens
It's all about me, yo!!
10.) Derek Jeeter
How is it that so many women are attracted to this man? He is the captain of a bunch of ass pirates!
9.) Donald Rumsfeld
A shallow, and scummy little tool of the Bush Administration
8.) Justin Timberlake
In one video, he and the rest of NSYNC are strung like puppets. Little do they realize how truly accurate this represents their entire careers.
7.) Barry Bonds
A sham of true sportsman.
6.) Mark Kennedy
Scare tactics to win elections. Remind you of anyone else?
5.) Jeff Strickler
This guy would not know a good movie if it bit him in his tightwad ass. For those of you unaware, Strickler is a movie critic for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
4.) Pat Robertson
A religious extremist similar to Osama Bin Laden.
3.) Pedro Martinez
Now seemingly past his prime, has the arrogance to travel to like 5 different baseball clubs to see which one would give him a million more than the other. Chooses the New York Mets.
2.) George W. Bush
He comes in at #2 because that's what most of his policies resemble. A short sighted imbecile, this man attempts to be a mixture of Ronald Reagan, Wyatt Earp, and Jerry Falwell. He lands short of number one because that has been taken by the man he chose to run with him.
1.) Dick(head) Cheney
A gas inflated blowhard, this man is the poster-child for Republican lies and hypocrisy. It is apparent that nothing matters to this man except power. He cares nothing for the American people, unless they make over 200,000$ a year. In all likelyhood, he was the most driving force for Bush's decision to unleash lawlessness in Iraq. I have never had an ounce of respect for this man, and in reality wish he would run in 2008, because he would be so easy to beat.

Next, I will come up with some original lists.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Some Peoples Kids

McCandless girl, 17, wounded by boyfriend

When I first saw this headline, I became interested. I had to satisfy my curiousity.

Big mistake.

This was really something I did not need to hear. There are soooooooooooo many things wrong with this picture, it's just staggering. I can't even begin to ask questions.

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