Wednesday, February 23, 2005

To Think I Was Raised Catholic

Pope: Gay marriage is 'evil'

If you have been reading this blog regularily, You understand my view on gay marriages. If not, I will give you a quick synopsis before I go Cath-Bashing..

The right for gays to marry should be a decision left entirely up to the religion the individuals belong to. It is not an issue for Federal or State legislation. To base laws on one religion's system of beliefs is unconstituional, and in and of itself, denies citizens the rights that this country was founded on. Not to mention the fact that it shows parallels to segregation and "seperate but equal" laws. Gays should no more or no less rights than any other US citizen.

Say for instance, would you CF's see fit to install gay-only bathrooms, gay-only water fountains, should gays be made to sit at the back of the bus?
Then why take away their right to have a legal binding marriage? If it is because your religion says its wrong, then FUCK YOU. Chances are they are not a part of your religion, so leave them alone, and let them have the freedom your president claims to be spreading in other countries. Stop intruding on their lives because you can't accept another person religion or lifestyle. They have done nothing to you, so FUCK OFF!!

Now, all that being said, I will get back to Pope John 3.

Keep in mind people that this is the same church that denounced DaVinci, Capernicus, and Columbus. It believes that celibacy makes a man closer to God, but tolerates it's own men when they commit rape on young children. It is a religion that claims you will go to hell unless you confess all your so-called sins to man in a fancy gown, and repeat the same prayer 50 times. It claims that the use of condoms, or any other birth control is sacrilege. It asks you to pray for your own enemies so that they may be forgiven while you drop bombs on thier cities.

Now, knowing full well that a large of his own clergy have committed homo-sexual acts, Pope John Paul 3 makes the claim that gays are an ideaology. An Evil one at that. They (the church) won't accept the science that homo-sexuality is genetic. The think that gays choose to be gay in order to be rebellious against society. It's really sad to think that this is the center for the most powerful and wealthy religion in the world.
Perhaps it is not gays, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Seiks, Protestants, JW's, etc.. who are the evil ones...

There is a cultural war going on, and I'm sorry to say that the relgious faction is winning. If someone were to say publicly that the Bush administration is an "Idealogy of Evil, " they would be arrested.
I am so disgusted by this, I can't stand it. I have to let go now so this post does'nt take up the entire page.


Ring finger points police to fiance in theft

Ahh, I love to read about the worlds stupidest criminals. Karma has this fantastic way of popping up in the funniest places. A Corner Bar toast to the man who's bail is more than 3X the value of the jewelry he stole.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Soccer Might Be My New Favorite Sport

Gentleman. All I can say is WOW.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Not So Instant Karma

Police: Woman Sets Dog On Fire, Accidentally Kills Kids

What the hell? Do they not have animal shelters in Pittsburgh? I wasn't the smartest teenager either, but come on.
I feel bad for the detective that has had to keep working on this case.

20th in Daytona

Jarrett on the pole.

He will never win though. I can't make many predictions for the opener, except that I forsee a Hendricks win. Johnson or Gordon to take the 500.

Kasey Kahne to get his first win within the first 10 races.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Surprise!! Surprise!!

Zimbabwe female athlete 'was man'

One of Zimbabwe's leading junior athletes, who has won several gold medals in women's events, is really a man, police say.

Its been a while since I was able to find a story like this one. This is definately one for the record books. Every paragraph is both funny and astounding. You almost can't believe what is being said, but honestly how would someone make that up? Talk about gender confusion.
Poor, poor hermaphrodite. Literally.

I think this is my favorite line:

The state prosecutor said he wasn't sure whether to keep Ms Sithole in men's or women's remand cells.

Seems to me like it doesn't really matter.

A 5 Million $ Loser

Silva Signs on for 2 more years.

For some reason, the Twins just can't tell when they are wasting their money. Both Brad Radke and Carlos Silva got new contracts this year, extending their stay in Minnesota by another 2 years.
Radke gets my vote for the most overrated pitcher in the league, and Silva is just plain weak. I suppose he is just a #4 starter, but for 2.5 million a year?
I suppose as far as baseball salaries go, thats pretty low. But still, just seems like it could be used for better players.

The Twins should be able to lead the weakest division again this year, I fear Cleveland as the best competitor for them. If they could only beat the Yankees...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

There Is A God

Not Safe For Work!

Gentlemen and some ladies, I present Ms. Liz Phair in the flesh.

(hehe yeh heh boioioiopioioinnnnggg)

Top 10 Ways To Know Your An Asshole

This post is a copycat post of a this web page I recently visited. I had to list some of my own pet peeves in addition to reading these. These things are 100% true events that have occurred to me over time.

10.) When driving, you notice the car next to you has roughly 1 car length in between it and the car in front of it. You also notice that there is no one behind them for a mile. You still decide it is the best move to attempt getting in between the two.

9.) You use your cellphone while standing at the bank teller, so that she must wait for you to stop talking to ask a question.

8.) You enter a gas station to purchase cigarettes and demand that the cashier ring them up separately because it will be $.01 more if rung together.

7.) You have a tattoo on your arm that reads "Eat Shit" in bold face lettering.

6.) Your that guy who thinks it's funny to wipe boogers on the wall in the men's room. Or the one who just keeps talking to a fellow restroomer while he is attempting to take care of business.
5.) You go to restaurant by yourself, or with one other person, and see fit to take a table that seats 8.

4.) You hit on your good looking, sweet-heart server because you are drunk, completely oblivious to the facts that:
a) It is her job to be sweet, and may not necessarily be in a good mood
b) Every other drunk guy she has waited on that night has done the same thing

3.) You tip in change.

2.) You don't tip at all.

And The Cornerbar's #1 way to know your an asshole...

You nickname yourself "Curmudgeon," and spend countless hours defiling those who you see as lower life forms.

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