Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Pig not degraded by televised sexual experience, British watchdog rules

Now, normally I would leave any stories on Yahoo for The Chronic Curmudgeon. Especially one involving both Reality TV, and the sexual pleasure of farm animals I had to get to this one first though.

RTV sucks ass to begin with. Now it jerks pigs too? It's no secret that the Brittish have a completely different idea of what is socially acceptable. It just seems to me that 1/2 of the seemingly endless online porn industry will take this as barnyard voyeurism. We will see clips of it on SPAM.

I mean, would it be ok to film some guy making a donation at a sperm clinic? After all it was for the purpose of artificial insemination, and was certainly not degrading to the man considering it was voluntary.

The part that made me laugh out loud was the very last statement:

"We don't believe that the scene was degrading or harmful to the boar."

I'm glad they are keeping the best interests of the boar in mind. I just wonder what the FCC would do if someone tried to air that in the US. Can you imagine John Ashcroft watching that show?

What about the little kids?
"Mommy, whats that girl doing on TV?"
"Umm... Well... She's... Go ask your father honey."

Good God. RTV is a cancer of broadcast television, and of the mind.

Thats why they call it dope

Bad joke gets better for police

I suppose things like this are the reason that criminals are criminals. I mean, if you dont get caught, no one knows that you did anything wrong. Thus you can not yet be called a criminal.

These two obviously came from the shallow end of the gene pool. He pretends to stick up his mother, who in my opinion, is likely to be his aunt as well. Then attempts to fool police and his girlfriend as well, who of course, goes along with it. His girlfriend is probably his sister or cousin, making him a chip off the old block.

Makes for fine entertainment for the rest of the country. Keep up the good work Omaha!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Makes for a crappy holiday

Living in fear of sewage spills

Mary Zdrojkowski sat in her Parkwood Avenue house last week trying to hold back the tears. A month ago, a water main break in front of her Ann Arbor house sent raw sewage shooting out of her dishwasher, sinks, toilets and shower drains.

I can't think of anything worse than this. I would be talking to a lawyer to see how it is that the city pays for the cleanup, but not the damage to the property. Can you imagine sitting on the toilet at the same time?
Gaaawwwwwd. That's just nasty.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Right Here, Right Now...

The Corner Bar Leans to the Right

What??!!!! HUH??!!!
Yep thats right.(no pun intended)

Recently I joined a blog directory service called Blogexplosion. It is the best one I've found so far, it allows you to gain credits, and post banners of your blog. It also has a very easy surfing tool.

In the first few days, I basically scanned all the political, left and right, reading the opinions of the blogosphere which seem to have a growing impact on both the media coverage, and the political system itself.

I found that there is a lot of moderate blogs out there. People make good points from both side of the aisle, and its time for The Corner Bar to acknowledge that.

So, if your interested in both sides of the issues, check out Steve at the American Conservative.
He is the first to make the list.

Sometimes You Have To Wonder About People

Bandits bungle robbery amid door confusion

I just shook my head at this. Not 1, not 2, but 3 people could not figure this out.

Ever get the feeling there is just no hope for the human race?

Excellence. Pure Excellence.

Granny stops handcuffed, nearly naked suspect fleeing police

This is escpecially funny just for the way it is written. It gives a pretty good sequence of what happened to the guy. One of those things you just wish you could witness in person.

On one hand I can't think of anything more embarassing, on the other justice was well served.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Angry Patriot 2

For those of you who may have been lead in the wrong direction, my assessment of the angry patriot was misconstrued.
The site is not meant to be taken seriously, I have been too overly sensitive regarding political issues lately.
I apologize publicly to both The Angry Patriot and to anyone who read the site with a clouded attitude.

Sunday, November 21, 2004



I didn't link from the top on this one, because you are all due an upfront warning about this.

Those of you who are regulars know that I absolutley love to expose the narrowist, lamest minds located on the web and beyond. By golly, I've found the most ignorant man, to date, in the Blogosphere.

The site itself needs no explanation. Read what this man posts, and the comments, and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. As much as I hate to send traffic to his site, it is the only way to expose the harsh truth of what voting Bush back in has done for us. I ask you to join me in the fight against beligerent stupidity.

Take what your about to see with a grain of salt, most republicans are not like this.

Special note for Marines Girl and Mileah- Try not to get too upset. Remember ignorance is bliss.

The Angry Patriot

Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Real Slim Shitty


Ok. If you dont laugh when you read this story, there's something wrong with you.

What advice could you give him? Avoid the Taco Bell before going to the show?

Because there is nothing better to spend our tax money and valuable time on

Bill Could Criminalize Fast-Forwarding DVD Ads, Trailers

What the hell is going on!!??? We just sat through the ugliest election ever. We set an agenda to debate some pretty important, and world changing issues. Then we came to this.

Now we already know that DVDs can be produced in a matter that prohibits people from fast forwarding those areas. What else do they need?

Is this is what voting has gotten me, Ill be sick.
I can be put in jail for allowing people to download my music that they can record for free off the radio. So I guess naturally I should go to jail for fast-forwarding the previews and ads before a movie that I have already paid to view.
They claim in hurts their over-all business structure. The passing of this bill will hurt their overall business period. People HATE the previews and ads they are forced to sit through in a movie theater. Now, they think not only should we be forced to watch them at home, but if we don't we're criminals?
If this gets more than 10 seconds worth of debate, it is a complete waste of my tax money.

What a suprise

Hey everyone-
Check out this article by Lefty. It seems a credible source was denied the chance to expose the President.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Crank the war machine back up

Source of Powell's Iran intelligence under scrutiny

"We have darn good intelligence."
-President Bush when confronted on the lack of WMD in Iraq.

It's happening again.
People who claim they have "good Christian values" are screaming "Bomb Iran! Bomb Iran!" The same "good Christian values" that continually push for legalized gambling wherever they can. The same "good Christian values" that support capital punishment. The same "good Christian values" that claim abortion is murder, but that "collateral damage" is not.

What has happened to this country? 10 years ago we were a nation working to keep the peace. Now these two bozos "they" elected have convinced people that in order to be safe, we have to start wars.
Is this the beginning of the end? Is the Bush administration the front runner to the decline of US power? We have a fragile economic system, that can not be defended by invading foreign countries. Our economy is the source of all our power. 9/11 was a bullet to the chest. Two in a row like that will be the end of the US economy. I really have a deep concern about this.

Now, you conservatives will read the above 9/11 comment and say "thats why we must continue pre-emptive strikes."
Starting these wars has made people lose sight of who the real enemy is. They have clouded the minds of people with the idea that these countries might sponsor our enemy. We are using all our resources to stop people who never threatened us. On the other hand, the ones who continue to threaten us run free.

We used to be hated because we support Israel. Now were hated because we support Israel, and because we're using our military strength as a means to power. While in the meantime we are leaving our homeland all but defenseless against an enemy who cares nothing about our justice system, or what we think is right or wrong.

I do think that Iran poses a threat. I really do. But the man you elected to deal with it is a bigger one. He will mis-manage this just like every other single thing he has put his dirty hands on.
I looked up some information on Iran, and sure enough, petroleum makes up the largest portion of its exports. So, we will do the same thing we did last time. Use a diplomatic front to buy time. We will impose sanctions to bring down their economy and weaken their defense. We will use the negotiation time to form a battle plan, and eventually take control.
We are already saying that we dont intend to take their negotiations seriously. We are already accusing them of saying one thing and doing another. Which they probably are. But so are we.

How come this crapp didnt come up before the election anyway. Bungwipe gets elected, and two weeks later Iran is the biggest threat he faces. Was Iraq the biggest threat he faced in the fist four years?
I always thought Al-Qaida was the biggest threat.

Im back. But for how long?

I have had terrible luck with blogger lately, my template just ereses whenever it feels like it. It is due to a bug in Blogger's system.
I have copied my HTML into a seperate file, hopefully I can re-set it that way.

Sorry to everyone who came by and found the bar closed.

If you want to leave a comment, it will be easier for you to click the link below the box, not the one inside. It really makes no difference which you use, but Blogger's comment system is much slower than Enetation.

Friday, November 12, 2004

imaginary money: a questionaire for GWB

Who's going to pay, Mr. President?

So you won Mr. Bush. You remain in office for another 4 years.
So far your policies have cost the taxpayers of the US over 300 billion dollars that 80% of us have not seen more than a few hundered of.

So where is the money going to come from now? You continue to give it away to your wealthy friends, and pump it into the money pit of Iraq. With no real results from your trickle down economics, and no end of the war in sight, where is the money for our future?

Will we continue to piss away 100s of billions that are already being spent on the defecit?

Do you think that somehow the federal reserve is just the nations giant credit card for you to charge up a few trillion before handing over your problems to someone else?

This Social Security reform that you speak of, if it is already spent before it is taxed out, how can a person expect anything? And how will you pay for the transition phase?

How much of our money did you give to execs at Halliburton, Lockheed, Boeing, and Rockwell, who not only recieve your contracts, but will also reap the rewards of your tax cuts?
How many jobs do you think these people plan to make with your tax cuts, vs. how much they intend to pocket?

What about the next spectacular terror attack? Will we be able to afford it?

You've spent over 150 billion on Iraq that have strengthened the enemies cause, and doubled it's size. Does this make the US guilty of providing indirect financial support to terrorists?

Also of Iraq, how much money will John Q. Taxpayer get to see of all that wealth? Right now he is just paying higher fuel prices. We don't even use the oil that so far has cost 1163 US troops.

The US has a GDP of over 11 trillion dollars. We have chosen a backwoods asshat to manage it for us. Take a look at this pie chart of how Bush/Rep Congress intend to spend your tax dollar in the upcoming year. Over 50% will go to national defense and international relations. That means over 50 cents of each dollar we pay in.

Now, if Bush were to read this blog, he would defend his actions by saying that the war on terror is expensive and the money must be spent. But Ill bet if you asked him to itemize all the places the money went to, youd find that most of it has been pissed away.

Sorry everyone, The US is not a safer place because of the war in Iraq. Not even from the war in Afghanistan. The places where the money would matter most, border security, CIA/FBI/NSA spy operations, transportation security, localized law enforcement, etc etc, are not the places where the majority of the money is being spent. It is being fed into bombs, guns, tanks, and other war supplies to maintain a stronghold of country who can not secure itself. A country that posed no real threat, had no WMD, and never attacked US soil.

Maybe the US government should start a national lottery. Pawlenty's answer to Minnesota's budget problems is to
a.) tax the hell out of the Mdwonkatin Sioux who currently control all the gaming in the state
b.) if the Indians refuse to pay, we will allow legalized gaming statewide and allow Bally's, Mandalay Inc, and other gaming giants to begin building casinos right next to The Mall of America. Then tax the hell out of them.

Ho-hum. I guess thats enough for now.
My cousin, The Chronic Curmudgeon, is pretty tired of writing about politics. So, without being able to complain vicariously through him, I had to to do an Anti-Bush/Republican rant.
Enjoy or detest, up to you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


The Satanic Christians of the USA

Actual count unknown, there have been between 14500-16500 civilian casualties in Iraq. Egotistical, short sighted Bush supporters who have been blinded by his nonsense can think about this one for a whle.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Woman accused of having sex with 8-year-old ordered held

A Superior Court judge has set a $250,000 bond for a 29-year-old Stratford woman accused of having sex with an 8-year-old boy.

I think this is self explanatory. An 8 Year old??!! I hope it was worth it.

It shows strong upbringing skills

Kids 'played with grenade'

Tripoli - Three teenagers were killed on Saturday and five youths were wounded when a hand grenade they were playing with exploded in northern Lebanon, security officials said.

a.) How in the hell do teenagers get a hold of a grenade in the first place?
b.) Who's idea was it to play a game with it?
c.) Is it commonplace for business owners in Lebanon to allow people to bring grenades in?

Imagine if this had happened in the US somewhere. The store owner, and the bomb maker would've been held responsible. Each of the parents would blame the others, and the political parties would also blame each other. Michael Moore would be there to somehow try and pin it on the Bush Administration, and the teens as well as thier families would be checked for any flags that might point them in the direction of terrorism.

Throw the book at him

Local athletes held at gunpointArgument over parking leads to standoff

No one was hurt Saturday when a motel manager held a charter bus of Leon County Special Olympics athletes at gunpoint after an argument over where the bus should park.

How big of a threat do you think those people posed? I can only imagine this guy as a full fledged NRA member, just sniffing around for reason to pull out his gun. "Naw Listen!! AWM IN CHAWGE HEAW!

What's better than winning gold in the Special Olympics?
-Not being retarded
Ok, thats mean, and I apologize to anyone offended by that joke. But hey, Im a bartender. They get much worse than that.


Doctor started CPR on living patient

The patient was awake and talked to him several times, but the doctor insisted that her heart had stopped and started CPR.

Sound a little fishy? It doesn't say, but Im willing to bet this girl had a real nice rack. I think in addition to the countless list of priest-turned-child molesters, we should also begin to log "unprofessional" doctors as well. I mean, would he have done this to a male patient?

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Heads Up People

Marines Girl has drawn attention to this article which should infuriate both sides of the election.
Check it out, see if you agree.

Casualty Counter

I want to add this counter to my site, but I do not understand exactly how to make it work. Anyone who can figure this out, let me know. I have tried to contact the web site, but I havent heard back yet.
I will keep you all posted on this.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Lets Set The Record Straight

The sad election is over. The winners are gloating, the losers are complaining, but all in all the world is still moving on.

I want to make a few points regarding the barrage of "HA HA you lost" comments spread over The Corner Bar, and the CC in the last few days.

While I will agree with the mudge that we can relent, and stop calling Bush Hitler for a while. It does not mean, however, that there are not gruesome similarities between the two. If you transgress policies to modern times, Bush is still a bully with dictator like tendencies.
Now whether or not you believe this is true is of no consequence to me. Thus I do not get angry or frustrated when I read those types of comments. It is in my blood to want to debate, and people like foolie moolie Newbie are just asking to be blasted. The fact that he allowed me that much room to fire was too good to let go.

What needs to be cleared up before I leave this alone for a while is that at no time did either Newbie, Edward, Alan, or any of the Bush supporters acknowledge the fact that there is still 48% of the population that disagree with W, and agree with The Mudge and me. When a president is elected by a small margin, he will have to work extremely hard to earn the respect of his opposers, especially when he is the incumbent with a laundry list of mistakes he refuses to admit to.
I welcome your opinions on the issues. Lets talk about Iraq. Lets talk about the economy. Lets talk about the environment. Lets talk about the mixture of church and state. Lets talk about gay marriage. I can counter-point anything. Do not think you are in some way angering me, or that by in my ability to go off on you, somehow this is a win for you. If I dedicate an entire post to you alone, know that your opinion is not considered blog-worthy, but rather

Also, do not go off thinking that a bartender could not possibly know anything about politics. It is a bartenders job to keep up with current events. Although I try not to get involved in the debates at my bar, I am always there like a fly on the wall. I listen to everybody's conversations, and anything I don't recognize, I am quick to verify. There are usually a lot of things out there that I know, and play dumb about. Maybe for my own amusement, maybe because it is simply in my best interest to keep my mouth shut. But this the the blogosphere. There is no rules, there is no regulations, except the ones I set.

The cardinal rule of politics is the only one that I will enforce here. If you did not vote, you can not debate. That's all. If you purposely start spewing rhetoric without any common ground whatsoever, you will be shunned and pissed upon for however long I feel is necessary.

That all being said, I will stop my tirade and go back to The Corner Bar's normal line up of the irony, stupidity, and the constant exposing of those who coming in last in the human race.

Thanks for reading by the way, good or bad.

Good God

Unreal gawks at a prominent piece of public art and spends quality time with a pronoun

Normally I would leave penis humor for the Mudge because he seems to enjoy them so much. But this one includes a picture that really had me rolling. Keep in mind that this statue is placed outside of a school, and that children were the first to "point this out, " pun intended.

ahh sooo

Policeman dips out on pay after 'dipping in'

Hong Kong - A Hong Kong police officer had 28 minutes of pay docked from his salary after he was caught visiting a prostitute while on duty, a news report said on Thursday.

I don't what's funnier here, the irony of the story, or the guys name. I wonder what would happen if you stood in front of a large crowd in China, and said you were looking for a guy named "Wing." Would 50 000 hands raise in the air?

back to the sillies

Man dead after North Texas authorities use stun gun

FORT WORTH, Texas - A man who tried to elude Fort Worth police has died after police used an electrical stun gun on him.

This is funny because the guy was actually attempting to steal electricity. Sounds like the police are a little trigger happy.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Oh, how I love the blogosphere

Smear the Newbie Part 2

Well, I was wrong.
Newbie is old enough, and in a good location, to have an informed opinion. He has simply ignored the chances to have one. His father was apparently Jewish in Germany at the time of the holocaust. Yet he is unable to see the similarities between the Nazis and the Republicans.

So knowing what he does actually know, and hearing his voice about it, just asks to be made a perfect example of.

Now, I know there are a lot of people out there that voted for someone just because they knew they had to vote. They did not pay much attention to the debates, the issues, or the candidates. They did not attempt to forsee the results of their actions. But The DID vote. They did care enough about what they have, and who they are to voice their opinion on the day America listens. Even if they were unsure of what they were voting for.

This was not the case for Captain Dan Newman. He chose to sit at home, drink his scotch, and do some "haha! WE WON" blogging on sites that are anti-Bush where he makes the claim that this is "his President."

Sorry Pal, this country belongs to the people, it is a shame you do not wish to be counted with them. I dont care if you dont like the Bush=Hitler comparisons, in fact I prefer that you hate them. I will continue to dog that over-inflated BSer for as long as I feel necessary. Which obviously now, will be at least 4 more years.

Bush has killed almost 1100 US troops by sending them into a battle they can not win. History has shown that the US is incapable of fighting Guerilla warfare. In fact, if you look closely at the US revolution, minutemen could be considered the first wave of guerilla warfare, thus they were able to fight off the world strongest military at the time, the Brittish.
When more attacks happen in this country, we can blame them on Bush. Every single day he furthers the rest of the worlds hatred for the US. Hatred is what fuels these men, and they are 100% dedicated to destruction.
Our staunchiest ally, the UK, has done polls of the public showing that 66% can not stand that backwoods dildo, and do not support the UK role in Iraq. This ally will not remain if the current Parliament gets voted out.

Bush attempts to rule the world with an Iron fist. He even had the nerve to call some coutries "evil." How can a man who was elected to govern 1000's or religions, use just one to shape his decision making?
- Hitler believed communism was the only thing that mattered. Bush apparently believes Christianity is the only thing that matters.
-Hitler took control of the middle East because he wanted its oil. Bush took control of Iraq, and allied with Saudis because he wants their oil.
-Hitler killed those that disagreed with him. Bush attempted to kill a man for a personal vendetta involving his one-term father. It took many more lives to get to that one man, whom he never succeeded in killing.

This one might piss you off a little more.
Pat Robertson=Osama Bin Laden. These men are both religious extremeists. They both preach death and exile. They both claim the other will be going to hell. They both wanted a Bush win, and got it.
Feel free to rant some more, I would like to read more things that would allow me to get further under your skin.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Can You Believe this Shit??!!!

The Chronic Curmudgeon was quick to state his reaction to the election as expected.
The comments left theirin ranged from sympathy to gloating, also as expected.

However, there is no way that this particular one can be ignored. A reader who called himself "Newbie" left these two messages:

New to your blog. What is it with the Republicans = Nazi references? Don't you realize that this turns off a HUGE amount of people?

Maybe it's just me but if someone keeps on equating republicans and Nazis he probably has a screw loose.

I didn't vote - on principle - didn't like either side.

It seems to me that there's a lot of sour grapes around here...and way too much venom.It looks like the American people really tuned you out yesterday. I would say you're part of the problem, not part of the solution. You come across as whining crybabies without a hint of historical knowledge about anything, much less WWII or American elections. All the self-congratulatory crap Mudge wrote about calling all the states right.
Guess what...YOU LOST!!

Newbie (amazing, you can't notice a troll when he comes at you head on!!)

4 more years baby!!!
4 more years......syria, Iran, NK...and Mudge...better watch out!!!!!!!

Newbie is the right choice for your screenname. You have opened yourself up so much smearing and blasting from the Mudge and his allies, that I actually pity you.

I pity you for being so inherently stupid, and short sighted. I pity your for claiming to know things you are completely uninformed of. I pity you for having the nerve to attempt a political debate, when you did not vote. And I pity you for not being able to see past the facade that is the Bush/Cheney administration.

As I mentioned on the CC, you can not be past age 23, and if you are, then you live in the deep south and are shut off from anything that could be considered a rational thought. If I am wrong about that as well, then you probably shouldn't go there.

If The Mudge's comments relating Bush to Hitler turn you off, then dont fucking read them. But try to learn something about Hitler's rise to power, and then decide how right or wrong he is.

As for military action in Syria, Iran, or North Korea, this is impossible without a draft. Thanks to GWB, our military is spread to the thinnest it has ever been between Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe Ill get lucky, and you will be drafted, and have a car bomb go off somewhere close to your friends.

It is very easy to sit in your leather recliner, watch Fox News, and yell YEAH!! BOMB THEM ALL!! Guess, what? You are not the one being bombed! Remember how 2 buildings were destroyed on 9/11 as the US was "shocked and awed"? Everyone was hurt and dismayed?
That happened 200 times a day for 3 weeks in Iraq. More civilians were killed in Afghanistan, than on 9/11. Do we even have a civilian casualty count for Iraq? Somewhere but, we'll never see it becuse W says Iraq was the right thing to do. That somehow God told him it was the right thing to do.

Before you go spouting off nonsense, it is best to know where you are and what your enemies are armed with. You need to be taught a lesson both in history, and by means of physical violence.
Fuck Off Newbie, you have no ground to stand on. Call us part of the problem? If your solution is fighting unnecessary wars, and building unstable governments while fueling the enemies cause, then I would rather be a problem.

Go straight to hell, do not pass go, do not take 200$ of daddy's money.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

wtf wtf wtf

WHat the hell is up with this stupid blog?

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